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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / sidebar content not showning
Posted:  13 Aug 2013 19:38   Last Edited By: malcD3
Hi thanks for great calendar

but having problems with sidebar not showing content
content shows fine in iframe but not in div, I know I'm doing something wrong -- but what -- in need of help

thank you

links to test pages
Posted:  13 Aug 2013 22:34   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
The problem is that your page rowcalendar1.html isn't served via PHP.
Rename this page into rowcalendar1.php and you should see a nice sidebar wink
Please let us know if your problem is solved.
Posted:  14 Aug 2013 17:39
Hi Roel
changed to php still didn't work

Posted:  14 Aug 2013 21:08
Hi Malcolm,
Guess I was too optimistic.
Since your sidebar does work in an iframe, it should be a minor problem.
Could you send me the source of your rowcalendar1.php file. I would like to see the exact source and correct a few HTML errors to see if they affect the display of the sidebar.
You can send me the file via the mail address mentioned on the Contact Us page.