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LuxCal Forum / LuxCal / Comments and Suggestions / Request feature: Register button on navbar
Posted:  12 Aug 2013 23:49   Last Edited By: JL_1978
Hi Roel,

Could you add (eventually on option) a register button on navbar (beside the connect button) ?

Many users report me it's not easy to find the register link via the login page.

I think it's true because on many sites, we have two separated buttons "Register/create account" and "Connection" (see Google+/GMail, Ebay, ...).

And luxcal have a button for Connection and a link for register which emphasizes the fact that we have hard to find it.

I look forward to test the next 3.2 version !

JL, luxcal french user, test luxcal on my site
Posted:  13 Aug 2013 13:41
I agree, a separate and additional "Register" button would be nice. I have been on some sites where it's not separate and it makes it more difficult. Some have a "Not Registered, Register here" on the log in.

On the demo I just clicked the "Log In" button and it prompts me for my log in details but nothing about registering. On some if you can't log in it then offers the option of creating and account.

How about adding it to the log in screen? Screen shot below.

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