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Posted:  12 Aug 2013 17:42
Hi Roel,

I see that you are working on Version LuxCal 3.2.0 I am currently working on updating some calendars and I was wondering what does 3.2.0 have that 3.1.2 doesn't have should I wait until 3.2.0 is out before updating? And is there an ETA for 3.2.0?

Posted:  12 Aug 2013 22:43   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Travis,
Events in LuxCal 3.2.0 will, apart from the Venue and Description fields, have four additional free format fields which can be (de)activated by the admin.
And I'm working on (re. struggling with) the possibility for the admin to define the format of the events (the order of the fields Venue, Description, and the 4 new fields and the labels for each field).
A restore function has been added to the admin's Database page. With this function LuxCal back up files can be easily restored.
These are the main changes.
Furthermore there are currently some 20 minor improvements and bug fixes.

The ETA is currently difficult to say. First I need a bright moment to find a simple way for the admin to define the event layout and then I need the beta-testers to thoroughly test V3.2.0. My best guess would be early / mid September.

Posted:  13 Aug 2013 14:04
An idea might be to implement using .tpl files which are used with a number of scripts as the body of the page. These are very similar to using html making it easy for someone to change and customize the layout.

Here is a current example for another script I use.

Current code with Description, Address and the phone number


<?php echo $description; ?><br /><br /><br />
            <?php echo $this->escape($address); ?><br /><br />
            <?php if($phone) { ?>

I want the phone number, address and then description.


            <?php if($phone) { ?> <br /><br />
            <?php echo $this->escape($address); ?><br /><br />
<?php echo $description; ?><br /><br /><br />

Or maybe I don't want the phone number to even be displayed and my price field after the description


            <?php echo $this->escape($address); ?><br /><br />
<?php echo $description; ?><br /><br /><br />
<?php echo $price; ?><br /><br />

Gives me the flexibility to arrange them the way I want and you don't have to worry about designing some way for the order.

The default order would be the way they are created in the database. If as my first field I create price, it is displayed below the last field in the table unless I change it in the .tpl file.

You may have a better method, I don't know.

Having stuff in php or javascript isn't easy unless you are a developer which can make it difficult for some of us, me included.

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