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Posted:  08 Aug 2013 13:11
In the sample CSV import it shows:


"Title","Venue","Category","Date","End Date","Start Time","End Time","Description"
"Aerobics","Fitness Centre - Sports street",1,07.28.2010,,3:00PM,4:00PM,""

In LibreOffice / OpenOffice it exports to CSV with / in the date and a space between the time and the AM/PM like shown below.


"Title","Venue","Category ID","Date","End Date","Start Time","End Time","Description"
"Jr1 vs Jr2","LCC","Junior","10/01/2012","10/01/2012",08:00 AM,09:30 AM,"Something extra if you want"

It's not a big issue, I can simply do a search and replace to replace the / with a . for the date separator and 0 AM with 0AM for the time. I'm wondering if the date and time will work without making the change? I guess I could have to tested it rather than post the question. ohmy

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Posted:  08 Aug 2013 21:17   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Dan,
I didn't know anymore, so I tested it.
Result: This is no problem at all. You can use any date separator and zero or as many spaces between the time and AM as you want.
You can even import a file with a mix of date separators and a different number of spaces in the time wink