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Posted:  06 Aug 2013 20:51
Hello Roel,

I am currently running 2.7.1 that has been heavily modified, So I have not upgraded it yet. But they are hosting the calendar on windows box so the php mail isn’t working. Is there any way I can get the SMTP mail from a newer version to work with the older 2.7.1


Posted:  06 Aug 2013 21:54
Hi Travis,

In the latest LuxCal version the SMTP mail parameters are defined via the admin's Settinga page and the sendmail function uses these SMTP parameters. So it's not so easy. I could send you a stand-alone tool to test your SMTP parameters (SMTP server, port, SSL, username, and password) and then you could send me the correct, tested parameters and then I could send you a modified toolbox.php file with the SMTP parameters hard coded. But this is quite a bit of work and I can't guarantee anything.

If you are interested send me your email address via the Contact Us page.
Posted:  06 Aug 2013 22:10
Sounds good Roel!