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Posted:  02 Aug 2013 02:03

Would it be possible to make the title accept more characters?

On several occasions, I have found that my titles are truncated and do not display properly. Latest example:

Día Nacional de la Memoria y Solidaridad con las Víctimas del Conflicto Armado

The title could be displayed on 2 lines or truncated at the end with ... but showing completely on mouseover.

What do you think? Keep up the excellent work!
Posted:  02 Aug 2013 04:50
That title just makes me realize I need a bigger monitor!  ;)
Posted:  04 Aug 2013 21:24   Last Edited By: Roel B.
More characters for the title means an update of the events table in the database. I'm not too keen on changing the length of the title. It's not very difficult, with a little bit of PHP knowledge you could implement this change yourself. If you want to try, I can help you.
However, in the next LuxCal release (3.2.0) we've added 4 additional free-format fields, which can be labeled and enabled/disabled by the admin.
Would this solve your problem?

@Gork: You're still working on that 14" monochrome monitor ohmy

Posted:  05 Aug 2013 14:36
Perhaps it's posted somewhere and I haven't seen it, currently, what is the length or number of characters that can be used in the title? If I have found the correct field in phpMyAdmin it is currently 64?

For upgrades I can understand why you might not want to upgrade the length of the title field. Perhaps it could be manually changed using phpMyAdmin?

For fresh installations would it be very difficult to change it to a larger value?

For these free-format fields, will we be able to set or limit the number of characters? Say I have a field for price of admission, I would only need a field of say at most 7 or 8 characters, example $25.00 would use 6. If not, it isn't a big deal, just asking.

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