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Posted:  06 Jul 2013 02:19
Dear Roel,

just upgraded from 2.7.3 - the new version is very impressive,
thanks for the continued development!

There is one aspect though that i found better in the earlier
versions, namely that 'all day' events were shown only in the
all day slot. Now it seems "multi-all-days" run across the days
(except for the last one). I did not find any option to change this
behaviour. If this is the intended behaviour, would it be possible
to introduce an option in the settings to get the old behaviour?

Many thanks

Posted:  06 Jul 2013 11:49
Hi Roel,
not only the week but also the day view is affected.
And the last day appears also not in the "All day" slot
but in the "Earlier"  (well, at least in my config with the
first hours slot at 6am).
Posted:  06 Jul 2013 18:35   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi imre,

You're right there was a bug in Week and Day view related to multi-day events.

This can be solved by editing the file views/dw_functions.php as follows:

On line 37 change:
if (($evt['sti'] == "") and ($evt['eti'] == "")) { //all day (takes up 1 slot at the top)

if (($evt['sti'] == '' and $evt['eti'] == '') or $evt['ald']) { //all day (takes up 1 slot at the top)

Now it should be ok.
Posted:  07 Jul 2013 03:15
Many thanks Roel,
it works now fine.