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Posted:  10 Jun 2013 21:13
Love this calendar! I do have a small problem, and forgive me if the question is a bit thick..

I'm using the calendar as a separate page, and it would be nice to have a link "Back" to the home page.

I attempted to hard-code the footer, but no joy.

Posted:  10 Jun 2013 21:52   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Randall,
Ok. Let me know . . .
- where you want this link to be displayed?
- if it should be a button, or a hyper-text and what the name/text should be?
and I will give you the code . . .

For instance: a button left next to the Options button on the navigation bar with the name "Back".
Posted:  10 Jun 2013 22:24
Hey thanks for the quick reply, Roel.

Your suggestion above sounds just right!
Posted:  10 Jun 2013 23:01   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Ok, here we go . . .
In the file canvas/header1.php just before line number 105 (echo "<button type='button' title='{$xx['hdr_options_panel']}' . . .) insert the following line of code:


    echo "<button type='button' title='Back to parent page' onclick=\"window.location.href='';\">{$xx['back']}</button>\n";

- If you want the button to be multilingual, the text "Back to parent page" should be defined in the ui-{lang}.php files.
- The part "" should be the URL of the web page to link back to.
- This location of the Back button has one disadvantage: If the calendar is displayed without header (?hdr=0 was added to the calendar URL), then no navigation bar will be displayed and consequently no Back button will be displayed.

Posted:  18 Jun 2013 04:05
Hey Roel,
Works like a charm.
Took me a while to finally try it (it's a volunteer job & I got distracted!)
Thanks again!
Posted:  22 Jun 2013 13:29
In the latest LuxCal version 3.1.2 the "Back" button can be activated via the admin's Settings page. So no need for a patch any more!
Posted:  23 Jun 2013 04:45   Last Edited By: Gork
Oh, so this "back button" doesn't really keep track of where you were before browsing to the calendar, but is rather more like an optional "home" button.  Right?  That the user can change the link for?

(Just upgraded to v312.)
Posted:  23 Jun 2013 08:30
I like this very much and have been thinking about suggesting something similar.  I was going to suggest possibly a pullout bar of some sort where several links could be placed, but this works fabulously.