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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Can I use the LuxCal 2.6.1 p 5 database?
Posted:  03 Jun 2013 22:06
Hey Roel,

Great to see a new calendar spring up JUST in time for me to upgrade my Scoop website with a new WordPress installation.  I'm currently running LuxCal 2.6.1p 5 - so it says in my lcaldc.dat file.  I want to leave the old calendar where it is, for now, and install the new one in a new folder inside WP.  Once the lcconfig.php file is created can I point it to the existing database?  Will it be compatible  or have you changed the tables?

I love the new multi-calendar-in-one setup. This is a major advancement. I plan to use the mini-calendar for mobiles and split the many categories on our existing calendar into separate calendars - all being fed from the single master calendar and its database.  Great work!

Posted:  03 Jun 2013 22:49
Hey Charles,
Good to hear from you again. Yes, the table structure has changed, so be careful. First of all I believe it's an excellent idea to upgrade, but how to go about it depends on what exactly you want to do. Do you want the "old" calendar to remain in tact as it is in the current folder and start a new calendar in a new folder, using the same database? that will create problems, because -as said- the db table structure has changed.
What you could do is create a new database (via the control panel of your ISP), install your current LuxCal version 2.6.1 in the new folder, make a back up of your current database, import the backup in your new database and then upgrade your the calendar in the new folder to the latest LuxCal version 3.1.1.
Thereafter you can start customizing the new calendar to match your Local Scoop website.
If you need assistance in this process, please let me know.
Posted:  04 Jun 2013 21:38   Last Edited By: charles
Hi Roel,

Actually there is too much data in the old calendar to start again.  It goes back years and forward for more than a year and my wife wants to keep everything so people can search for past and future events.  So the best thing to do is leave the old calendar where it is, create a new database for the new one and then ask you for instructions on how to "move" the data to the new calendar.  You managed to do it for the last big upgrade smile

Also, Since I'm using WordPress this time (not on the current Scoop site) I presume an iframe is still the recommended way to install it.

Posted:  04 Jun 2013 23:28
Hi Charles,

Yes, for embedding the full calendar, it's best to use an iframe.

So you want to create a new calendar (v3.1.1) with a new database and move the data from your old calendar's db to the new db. I lov' those non-standard upgrades wink

I suggest the following:
- create a new database (via the control panel of your ISP)
- install the new LuxCal version 3.1.1 in a new folder
- make a back up of your current database (via the admin's database page)
- delete all tables from your new db and import the backup of your current db in your new db (via myPHPadmin)
- do NOT launch the new calendar at this point (database structure incompatible)
- launch the LuxCal version 3.1.1 upgrade script (so:

If this fails, don't panic. I can always upgrade your database backup file for you.