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Posted:  21 May 2013 19:45
Hello to all the community,
I am a teacher and I use a calendar event as a diary to write homework online for my students.
This calendar is very nice but between the functions I'd like to pop in visulizzare all events for a particular day and you only print all events for a day like the image attached.
You can do this with LuxCal?
thanks Seby
Sebastiano BASILE - Avola
Posted:  21 May 2013 21:43   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Seby,

Currently there is no special function to show all events for a particular day in tabular form.
However, there is a possibility to achieve the same result:
- log in as administrator (teacher)
- on the Settings page under "views" set "Days to loo ahead" to 1
- log out (now you are the student)
What you've done so far, you only need to do once.
- select the calendars "Upcoming" page via the Options panel
- on the Upcoming Events page, select the desired date (left upper corner of the page)
Now you only see the upcoming events for the selected date and you can print the page with the Print button on the navigation bar.

Posted:  22 May 2013 14:29
Thanks Roel,
I changed the setting as you suggested.
This is a solution though I prefer my solution.
You can see my test at the following URL:
I currently use a simple calendar but with an old php code at the following URL:
You can think about adding these features in future releases.
Meanwhile, I try to make it official diary homework for one of my school as an experiment classeroom
Sebastiano BASILE - Avola
Posted:  05 Jun 2013 11:38
Congratulations Roel on the new release 3.1.1.
Is a possible option to display the title and the description of each event on the same day in the Day view?
Sebastiano BASILE - Avola
Posted:  05 Jun 2013 21:16   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi basile,
With a small modification this is possible. But be aware that your descriptions should be one-liners. When there is a cr in your description the rest may not be visible because it doesn't fit in the day cell of Day / Week view when the day cell is only one slot high.
The change:
In the file views/dw_functions.php change the end of line 143
{$evt['tit']} {$evt['des']}</span></div></div>n";

Posted:  05 Jun 2013 22:36
Very well. It works.
thanks Roel
Sebastiano BASILE - Avola