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Posted:  14 May 2013 11:49
I have read & re-read the instruction indicating how to insert the side bar into an html page.
I have also read a post in this forum concerning the same issue
Success however eludes me.
The side bar shows no problem in a browser
Inserting the full & mini calendars works fine according to your instructions
Does it matter prescisely where the head tag code goes?
Does the body code need to be inserted inside a div tag?
Does it matter which html code is used - (1 to 5)?
Can the sidebar be made to display inside an iframe as with the mini calendar view?

Any help appreciated
Posted:  14 May 2013 15:37   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Jeppie,
If the full and mini calendars work, then the sidebar should be a piece of cake.
I will help you to get it working.

The host page, where you want to add the sidebar, should be a normal HTML page and can be any HTML version.
Now it depends on how your page is organized. If you are using for instance tables to define the layout of your page, which of course is bad practice sad, then you should add the sidebar code in the <td>-cell where you want to display the sidebar. If you are using absolute positioning, which of course is much better wink, you can insert the sidebar code at any place between the <html>-tags.
You should not put the sidebar code inside an iframe (it could be done, but it's more complicated and the flexibility of the a stand-alone sidebar within a <div>-container would be lost).

The easiest would be if you could send me the URL of the host page (via the Contact Us page of this site), tell me where you want the sidebar to be displayed and give me the name of the folder where you've installed the calendar. I will thereafter send you the code to be used and further instructions.
Posted:  15 May 2013 16:53
Thanks for your reply
The site in question is not yet live so I cannot point you to the url
Perhaps I can post you the code in some form that enables you to comment further?
Posted:  15 May 2013 17:31
Further to previous,
I have tried installation of sidebar into a 'clean' page
Dreamweaver reports a syntax error on line 1 for css_sbar.php
This reads
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Could this be the problem?
Posted:  15 May 2013 22:56
Hi Jeppie,
I don't think so, but it's hard to say.
As you suggest, it would be best if you send me the code of the page where you want to include the sidebar and also the style sheet(s) used. (or the whole web site if you prefer and if it's not too much).
You should also tell me where on the page you want to display the side bar (you can add a screenshot, if you want) and in what sub-folder you have installed the calendar.
You can send this to the email address on the Contact Us page.
Posted:  16 May 2013 10:09
Thanks I will do as you suggest