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Posted:  11 May 2013 03:03   Last Edited By: goldfish
thump_up Firstly many thanks for an excellent calendar that was very simple to set up and implement. thump_up

I have set up an upcoming events sidebar integrated into a homepage but I am having some format issues to integrate with my layout and was hoping for a couple of pointers.

Firstly I would like a scrollbar (vertical) - for some reason I can only get a greyed out scroll bar and a sidebar with a height that matches the entire content. This then stretches my web page and spoils the lay out

2nd - Is there a way to modify the event list so that we can have both the time & event on the same line rather than the current default 2 lines.

Cheers in advance for any help given..

Posted:  11 May 2013 10:24   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Jules,

That's hard to say without further details. Could maybe be the style div.sideBar in the file css/css_sbar.php. Could you send me the URL of your web page or otherwise your css/css_sbar.php file (via the Contact Us page).

Question 2:
In the file lcsbar.php delete line 86 and add $time to line 87 as indicated below.
echo '<div class="ssb_evtTitle"'.$eStyle.'>'.$time.' '$evt['tit']."</div>";
That should do it.

Posted:  11 May 2013 11:34
Hi Roel

Thanks for the swift response.

I will send you the links to the site - not yet up and running properly!

I have amended the line of code in lscbar.php but it now returns a syntax error which my very limited knowledge of .php is failing to spot.

Again many thanks in advance.

Posted:  12 May 2013 11:12
Problems solved ( I lov' syntax errorscool )
Posted:  12 Aug 2015 21:27
Is really very good script.

I have a question. I was check all tags in forum but I cannot find some solution how solve my problem.

On the week view on the collumn is now time I need labbels of category and all events must be shown in the correct line with the labbels.

I  Labels    I    Monday    I       Tuesday     I  Wendsday        I   .........etc
I  mycat1   I     ###########someevent mycat1###   I
I  mycat2   I                    I#####someevent mycat2###   I

any idea how to do that.
Posted:  14 Aug 2015 08:53
any idea how to do that ?