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Posted:  09 May 2013 16:00
Is there any way to default in the "Send email now" notification so that it is always checked for users adding dates?  Also, is there a way to default in multiple email addresses that this notification is sent to other than the user adding the dates?
Posted:  09 May 2013 18:19
Hi there,
To always check "Send mail now", a minor program change is needed:
In the file event.php on line 235 change the last '0' (zero) into '1'. So the line should look like:

$non = isset($_POST['non']) ? ($_POST['non'] == 'yes' ? 1 : 0) : 1; //notify now

Default multiple email address is not so easy.

What might be a solution is the following:
On the admin's Settings page, under General, specify an email address or multiple addresses and set the "Days to look back for changes" to 1. Now, if you have defined a cron job on your server, to start the LuxCal periodic functions (lcalcron.php), then the specified email address(es) will receive a daily email with all events that have been added/changed/deleted the last day.