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LuxCal Forum / General / Support / Email Reminder - a couple of hours before due
Posted:  20 Apr 2013 20:26
When I post an event, it only gives me the options to send out a reminder 1 day or more.

Any way to get this to send out the reminder an hour or 2 before event?
Posted:  20 Apr 2013 21:04
No, this is currently not possible.
The mechanism is based on the fact that once a day (early in the morning, when most of us are asleep) a cron job is running and the started script will send email reminders, whenever needed. So once a day.

Posted:  25 Apr 2013 00:04
What if you run that CronJob twice a day, would that accomplish the task?   (not sure, just asking)
Posted:  25 Apr 2013 10:51
No, unfortunately this would not accomplish the task.
The script lcalcron.php started by the cron job is only looking at event dates and not at event times.
So some program changes would be needed to make this possible. The lcalcron.php script should test on event dates and times and the event.php file should allow email reminders to be set in the Event window until x hours before the event due time. (Currently the user cannot set reminders on the day the event takes place (after the cron job has run).
Posted:  05 Feb 2016 18:01
Bringing this topic again after almost 3 years to see if there are plans to implement this.
It would be great to receive reminders hours before the event.
Posted:  11 Feb 2016 12:40
I know my opinion was sought. Here are a few issues I can see with this type of feature.

Since event times could be anytime ie: 1:00, 2:15, 2:30, 3:45 you would need to have the cron running a multiple to hundreds of times a day to see if it is two hours before to send the reminder email.

Most hosting services limit the numbers of emails that can be sent in a day, for example with GoDaddy 250. Since you could have numerous events at various times depending on the number of events this number could be greatly exceeded.

What about the person that wants to be reminded three hours or one hour before and not two hours?

Most people have a cell phone with an alarm feature which they could easily set to remind them X time before the event.

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Posted:  12 Feb 2016 20:44
I agree Dan,
And on top of it: it's only useful if all mail users check their mail inbox continuously (which I don't).