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Posted:  11 Apr 2013 16:44   Last Edited By: abryenton

Great Calendar! Working fantastic for us.

We are currently not using the categories and was wondering if it would be possible to have the calendar blocks a specific color for all days with events. With categories, it just colors the background of the text, we would like it to be the full block.

For example:

Posted:  11 Apr 2013 19:03
Hi Aaron,
Currently there is no way to mark/block a full day, but I find the suggestion interesting and maybe we should add this option in one of the future new versions.
Would you suggest to have an option to just mark (= color) a full day, or should it also block the user from adding event for that day?

It's too late to add this to the new version which will be released towards the end of April, but maybe the version thereafter.
Posted:  11 Apr 2013 19:26
Hi Roel,

Thanks for the quick response.

I guess it would depend if you were going to use categories or not. In our particular case, our calender is being used for one purpose (one main event theme) only, so even if we have 10 events on one day, they color of the block won't change.

Perhaps if you have the option to mark a full day with a single color, it would disable you from adding an event from a category?

Thanks and great job!
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 12:46

i like to bring this up again, because it looks like the only thing which i miss in you calendar.
Would be nice if one could turn the whole day (period) red for lets say "booked", yellow for "option" and maybe some more?
Those little cubes inside are quit innovative, but if you have to look at about 30 different fields at once, they make you feel dizzy.
But maybe i just picked the wrong topic and this option is already available...

Thanks in advance.

Kindest Regards,
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 14:06
Hi F.J.

This has already been implements some time ago.
When you add/edit an event category, there is a check box called "Day color". If you check this check box, the whole day will get the color of the category.
So in your example above, edit the category "booked" and set the color to red and check "All day" and thereafter all days with an event in category "booked" will be completely red.
Note: If there are two events of a different category, both with "All day" checked, on the same day, the day will get the color of the event in the category with the highest sequence number (The sequence numbers of the categories can be found n the admin's Categories page).

Posted:  09 Jun 2016 15:19   Last Edited By: Budens

alright, did not noticed that only the event itself will turn into that particular color then...
Thats a start, but please let me explain what i was looking for.
One categorie "Holiday house Meecasa" with the possibility to turn single events into different colors.
Like red for booked in week one, orange for pending in week two and lets say yellow for booked by owners in week three.
With the way you just told me, it looks impossible to do, because you have to choose a main color for the whole categorie.
Is there some way to choose a different color for each event?

Thanks in advance.

Kindest Regards,
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 19:24
Hi F.J.
This is currently not possible. But the idea of having an option when adding/editing an event to specify a specific day color (the whole day) for this particular event is interesting.

What I don't understand in your post above is what you mean by "in week one", "in week two" and "in week three". Is this one and the same event?

I could add the option to choose a dedicated color for one specific event, but then if the event lasted for three weeks, during all three weeks the event (and the full day) would have the same specified color. If in your example the booking would change from "option" to "confirmed", you would have to change the color yourself by editing the event and selecting a different color.

Does this match with your ideas?
Posted:  09 Jun 2016 20:40

those weeks are different events.
Its like three different families book the same house, each of them for one week. 1.7. till 8.7., then 9.7. till 16.7. and so on...
Family one books straight away..gets red days...done.
Family two is not sure if they can come and ask for an option.
Therefore we like to colour them orange...when they get the flights and definitely book a day later, yes, we would log in and change the colour from orange to red...
If they wouldn't, i could still see that there is still some work not done.
Something like that...

Kindest Regards,
Posted:  10 Jun 2016 09:44   Last Edited By: Roel B.
But that's what event categories are for.

For example:
We have three event categories:
- "booked" with color red and day color selected
- "option" with color orange and day color selected
- "tentative" with color yellow and day color selected
Now family one books straight away week x - so the event category "booked" is selected
Family two takes an option for week x+1 - so the event category "option" is selected
Family three makes a tentative reservation for week x+2 - so the event category "tentative" is selected

Now in the calendar the days of the "booked" event will be red, the days of the "option" event will be orange and the days of the "reserved" event will be yellow.

Or do I still not understand what you have in mind?
Posted:  10 Jun 2016 10:17   Last Edited By: Budens

we have about 20 houses, so im afraid we have to use the event categories for all the different houses.
With only one it wouldt be possible, yes, but in my opinion still to much info.


Something like that, but now with in option in orange for the first house from 18. till 25.
And still having the name of the appartement preferable in black on blueish...

Kindest Regards,

Posted:  10 Jun 2016 11:48
Hello Budens
Allow me to ask a question :

Is it so,  that for all categories that if a day has no events, the day-color should be green,- if a day has an event that is confirmed it should be red,-  and if a day has an event that is pre-booked ( "waiting for approval" )  then the day color should be orange. ( the colors/nuances should maybe be configurable )
If a day had both a confirmed booking and a pre-booking ( one family leaves that day and another family maybe (prebooking) comes the same day ) it should be half red/half orange.

Is this what You mean ?

Excuse for the interfering, but I wanted to see if I understood it right.
Posted:  10 Jun 2016 12:01   Last Edited By: Budens

not really necessary to be green if still availailable, too much colors may hurt the eyes.
A changover day could be half red/half orange, but any other color could do.
(Dont know how difficult it is to do the coding with the half/half thing...)
So if the day, two bookings would connect, would show as dark red or bright orange, would be enough for my needs.

Kindest Regards,
Posted:  10 Jun 2016 13:40
Hello Budens

I am sorry, but it is not me who can make any changes in the program. It is Roel. I just wanted to check if what You asked for, was the same as I have earlier suggested.
It is Roel that decides what is to be made, but if He sees the potential in a feature, He is quite reasonable. Especially if it covers a need and is of common interest.

I think Roel will continue in the thread.

Kind regards
Posted:  10 Jun 2016 20:21
From what I am reading since "we have about 20 houses," was mentioned it sounds like what a motel / hotel would use for booking reservations and guest stays.

For example; I book a room through Expedia, in some cases they offer a cancellation and it others they don't. The motel has me checking in for 6/17 and out 6/18 so the room is available after 3:00 pm on 6/18. We are then staying for three nights in a different motel 6/18 to 6/20 so it isn't available until 3:00 pm on 6/20. A motel / hotel could have anywhere from 15 to 400 rooms depending on its size. The end user (person booking the room) never sees what is available, only the person or system controlling the reservation system see's what is available and when.

The big motel / hotel chains have the resources and software for such a need. I'm not sure what exists for small motel's etc.

"Little Guy"
Some own motorcycles, others ride them.

Find great LuxCal examples by Schwartz at
Posted:  10 Jun 2016 23:16   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi All,

First I would like to thank Schwartz for mentioning that I'm "quite reasonable" cool

The point is that - as Dan pointed out - a real booking calendar has very different features then for instance an event calendar. LuxCal is more an event calendar with some functionality which comes in handy when using the calendar for bookings (like the overlap check), but it is far from a full flash booking calendar.
If not too complicated, I'm quite willing to add some features which help F.J., provided they are also of general interest. So going back to the basic question again (if I'm correct), I could for instance add an option to the Event window to select a color for the specific event, which would result in the whole day painted in this color.

Posted:  11 Jun 2016 11:52
Could it be a matter of settings :

Use eventcoloring check/uncheck ( if checked, this overrules an eventual category-day-coloring.

Day color for normal event  type 1 : color xxxxx ( could be light red or whatever color the user chooses )
Day color for mixed events  type 2: color xxxxxxx ( if a day has more than one event )
Day color for events that needs approval type 3: xxxxxxxxx ( even if the event is not visible, the daycolor will be colored with this )
If eventcoloring is checked, then the types has to be filled in.

Could perhaps be a field in the event that the user could give type 1,2, or 3. If the user don't give in a type then the system gives the type from the settings.  In case of more events, the last will be the one that rules the day color.

This way theuser can have the daycoloring with no events ( normal background - can be changes in the CSS ). Another daycolor for days with events, and another daycolor with prebookings/need approval. Furthermore a daycoloring with "overlaps.

Was it something like that Roel and Budens ?
Posted:  11 Jun 2016 12:02
To Roel

What I try to describe is a function that is much like the category-coloring-day.
It should be much the same as this, but only the event ( type 1,2 or 3 ) will rule the color instead of the category on the event.

About the "need approval" - I know that they can be "invisible" but the day-coloring should be there anyway - could that be a problem ?

Kind regards
Posted:  11 Jun 2016 12:20
And :

The category coloring should not be affected by this. It will have the same coloring as today, and the small squares are also un-affected.
It could perhaps be, that it was only in the matrix view it was present - but if a user sets it up with eventcoloring-day, He/She maybe wants it to be general.
Posted:  11 Jun 2016 18:01
Thank you Schwartz for your dedication, but please dont make it to complicated...


I could for instance add an option to the Event window to select a color for the specific event, which would result in the whole day painted in this color.

That would do the trick for me already.
Hope that more people would have interest in that feature.

Just one more question about some other thing...
We get more and more problems with the calendar we use at the moment. (Offtime a lot and crappy loading times e.g.)
But its scripted to get all the information from another server.
Since i have a lot of information in my cpanel folder...would your calendar keep running, even if you would pack your stuff one day and decide to close your servers?
Thats going to be a big point for us here.

Kindest Regards,
Posted:  11 Jun 2016 18:13   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Yes Schwartz, it could be something like you described. In that case there will be a limited (e.g. 3) number of preset colors.

However it should be easy to understand for the user.
I suggest to add the option to define a number of preset colors, each with a short name, per event category. So actually it would be a number of sub-categories (e.g. booked, reserved, tentative) of the current category.
No need for a check box to enable the sub-categories; simply if they are defined, they are available to the user.

So now when a user adds/edits an event and selects a category for which sub-categories exists, a sub-category drop down menu will appear.

If for the selected category "Day color" has been selected, the sub-category color will apply to the full day, otherwise the color will apply to the event only. (This is the already present mechanism)

Posted:  11 Jun 2016 18:26
Hi F.J.

The other thing . . .
The calendar is really light weight and has been designed to be fast. So off-time and crappy loading times will most certainly have an external reason.
LuxCal is open source and can be maintained by anybody with good PHP and HTML knowledge. If I would pack my stuff, I would try to find someone willing to take over the support and further development of this product. However, I've absolutely no intentions to stop.

Posted:  11 Jun 2016 19:06   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hello Budens : In general I am dedicated about the calendar - and I have a special relation to the matrix-view and the coloring.
When Roel made the Matrix-view, He didn't know how many would use the feature - it is good to see it in use and hopefully many others will use the calendar and the many features in it.

And Roel : I think it will be great. And it will have no influence on the system - if the user does not set it up, he will never know it is there.

Posted:  11 Jun 2016 19:14
Ok, I will start working on these sub-categories.