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Posted:  03 Apr 2013 09:52

Do i have some settings wrong or is it just me?
When im not logged in to calendar and try to add event trough minical, i get following window:

Login button missing!

But when i open full calendar trough clicking the month, i get the login button.

Even better solution would be to go straight to login window without that error-message.
Is that possible?

Otherwise the calendar is awesome thump_up
Posted:  03 Apr 2013 20:30
Normally the Event window (the window without the log-in button) should never open if a user has no post rights. I don't know how this could happen for you.

Have you enabled "Mini calendar event posting" at the bottom of the admin's Settings page?

Posted:  03 Apr 2013 21:41
Yes, it's enabled.

By the way, your demo minicalendar don't open add event window when you click the prefered day.
Posted:  03 Apr 2013 22:53
Hi there,
Maybe there is a misunderstanding. A minute ago I checked the mini calendar on our Demo site (blue and yellow colors) and when I click in the upper part of a day cell, the Event window opens for a new event!

Could you send me (via the Contact Us page) the URL of your bulldogsmc page with the mini calendar, so that I can have a look myself?
I tried the URL in the address bar on the images you've posted, but I don't get the mini calendar.