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Posted:  29 Mar 2013 09:20
Is it possible to have the sidebar showing the To Do list on a webpage instead of showing the Upcoming Events?
Posted:  29 Mar 2013 11:16
That's an interesting question. My answer is: No, not yet.
We're currently in the final stage of a new LuxCal release 3.1.0, with a simplified ToDo feature (just one check box) but an additional event propose/approve feature.
In this new version, for the stand alone sidebar it will be possible to display either Upcoming Events, or a ToDo List.

So, I'm afraid you will have to be patient for a few weeks. (unless you want to be a beta-tester; in that case you can have this option in a few days time wink )

Posted:  29 Mar 2013 13:38
I'd be glad to be a beta-tester.

Why only one check box?  I find the two check boxes useful.  We use one for "Attended" and the other for "Completed".  So when a student attends but doesn't complete the task, we know they have to attend again.

Event propose/approve wouldn't have any use where I am.  Sounds too bureaucratic.
Posted:  03 Apr 2013 21:02
We had the impression that not many users were using both check boxes and thought it would be better to replace one of them by a more comprehensive event proposal/approval   system.
You are right it may sound a bit bureaucratic, but that's mainly because of the words "propose" and "approve". For those who are using the calendar as a kind of "bookings" calendar, the words "propose" and "confirm" could be used and that sounds quite different wink

Unfortunately for you, the second check box has already been removed from all scripts.
If you are still interested in being a beta-tester for the new LuxCal version 3.1.0, please let me know and send me your email address via the Contact Us page.
Posted:  04 Apr 2013 16:56
Yes, I'm still interested and have sent you my email address.