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Posted:  28 Mar 2013 15:39
The event details aren't displayed in the upcoming events sidebar as is shown in the documentation. I have enabled "Show details to all users" in the settings, but the details still don't appear - even when logged in as admin.  The hover box works, it's just they aren't displayed in the list.
Posted:  29 Mar 2013 13:29
Could it be that through the styles sheet you've given the text the same color as the hover box background?
When the side bar is displayed, have a look in the HTML source to see if you can find the "popon" text.
Posted:  29 Mar 2013 14:05
The details in the hover box are okay.

It seems that I didn't look carefully.  Too tired and busy these days to pay proper attention.  I just had better look at the images you have below your demo calendar, and I see now that the sidebar displayed there also doesn't display the event details in the actual list.  My mistake...

What I thought I saw was the event details shown below each event.

So, my question now is, is it possible to show the event details in the main sidebar list instead of in a hover box (like in the Upcoming Event view when selected from the Options button in the main calendar)?
Posted:  03 Apr 2013 21:07
The sidebar is meant to be a small list giving a concise overview of the upcoming events, with more details (if enabled by the admin) via the hover popup box. To display all event details directly in the sidebar, a program change would be required.
It's not too difficult to implement; all details are available and just a few additional lines of code in the lcsbar.php script would do.