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Posted:  27 Mar 2013 05:54
Where do i edit the link color?

I have already added this code but with no luck.

.link {cursor:pointer; text-decoration:underline; color:#FFFFFF;}
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 06:01
2nd part  is can I change this color with out affecting the rest of the Cal
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 11:39   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Chris,
The link color in Month view:
In the file css/css.php on line 30, you can change "TEXT1" to one of the other predefined colors from the css/lctheme.php file, or just add your own color and background definition.

The Username font color:
The font color of the username cannot be changed. There is no field in the database to store the font color, so it would be quite a software change to add the option to change the username font color.

Hope this helps,
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 15:47
Yet 1 more question to add to this :)

When adding an event I select a emaillist in this case board.txt

The email I have listed does not receive this event. I do have it as a.txt I do have it set to send now. the email I am using is not a registered email on the cal.

When I just put my user email in to that spot I do receive it but when i am trying to use the emaillist it will not send. I have even tried adding my user email to the emaillist and still receive nothing.

Thanks for all your help.
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 17:11   Last Edited By: Roel B.

Email list:
The name board.txt is fine, so in the Event window your "Send mail" list should be something like:

And the contents of your board.txt file should look like:
and so on.

The email addresses don't need to be registered, any valid email address is fine.
In the Event window you can select "send now", or a number of days before the event is due. Both should work.

If you are doing exactly as described, and it still doesn't work, please let me know and we will make it work.
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 17:19

  Thanks for your response.

I have added them like you said and the email never gets sent. I know my phpmail is working because if I just put my raw email in that field it will send. the problem comes from when i just put the word board (.txt file) in the field it does not send
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 17:25   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Are you using the latest  LuxCal (v2.7.3)?
Is your board.txt file located in the emlist folder?
Did you try "Send now" in the Event window?
If you add ";board" to your list, does an email get sent to ""? Or is no email sent at all when you add "board"?
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 17:36

Yes it is located in the emlist file on my server.

I tried my raw email and the board together; board in the email field it will send to my raw but not the list

I have tried the send now button

I am using LuxCal v2.7.3
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 18:01
You got my name almost right wink

I'm not sure, but it could be that there was a problem with email lists at some stage.
I've tested email lists on our test site a minute ago and it seems to work fine.
If you send me your email address (via the Contact Us page) I will send you the PHP-files we are using on our test site.

(I don't want to release an official bug fix now, because very soon we will release a completely new version with many new features and bug fixes.)
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 18:06

I'm so sorry lol on the name.

I will contact you asap.
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 21:18

It's working now. You Da Man

Many Thanks
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 21:26