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Posted:  26 Mar 2013 06:21
Hi. How do i change/format the contents of the hoverbox for the upcoming events sidebar? Currently, the description is on top of the title and venue.
Posted:  26 Mar 2013 13:17   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
Depends on what you exactly want to do.
The styles for the upcoming events sidebar can be found in the file css/css_sbar.php
and the full sidebar contents is defined by the PHP code in the file lcsbar.php.
The hoverbox in particular is defined on lines 70 - 73 of this lcsbar.php file. (the content of the hoverbox is called "$popText")
As you can see from this $popText, the title, venue and description are separated by a simple br-tag, so I don't understand how the description can be on top of the title and venue, as you described.
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 01:46
I just checked on the lcsbar.php file and the br tags are indeed there. However, text on the hoverbox are still on top of each other. Also, when I allowed links to be shown in the sidebar, they position themselves to the top left of the box. Could I have messed up the css while trying to edit it?

please have a look:

Posted:  27 Mar 2013 06:19
I noticed at the top of that box the same words Details here That is the same word that are appearing in your first link but not the rest. Try removing that link and see if that changes it. If that fixes your problem then your problem lays with in that part of your coding.
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 10:36
I removed the link on the description and made it just plain text. It fixed the issue on the hoverbox (the description part is no longer on top of the other text) and the text at the top left of the box is gone as well. Problem is,  when I turn the "Details here" back into a link, the same issues reappear.
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 11:13   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
I had a look at your test site and saw that you have some 50 errors on the page, some of which are serious .
For example:
- Your page has no DOC TYPE
- there is no <head>-tag
- there are unmatched <div>s
- in your Upcoming Events definition the ";" is at the wrong place (outside the quotes).
- and many more . . .

My advice would be: Install Firefox, load the Extension "Web Developer 1.2.2", look at the page source and make sure your page validates properly. Currently there are too many errors to draw conclusions.
If you want, I can mail you the list with errors. But then I would need your email address (via the Contact Us page).
Posted:  27 Mar 2013 11:57
Thanks for the extension tip, Roel. Will definitely use that. Anyway, I found out that a css file was causing the issues.. Thanks a bunch.