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Posted:  14 Mar 2013 11:43
Hello Roel.
You already know how much Ilike your really nice piece of software but I think to repeat it is never enough. :D
I wanna ask you if it's possible to modify the email notifications to send it at an hour instead of a day (I think like monday at 12,00 instead of 2 days before).
I apologize for my really bad english... :D
Thank you again and again Roel... :) See you.
Posted:  14 Mar 2013 17:03   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi there,
This is probably not too difficult to modify.
But what exactly do you have in mind?
In the Event window, would you like to specify to send an email notification a number of hours before an event starts? (Instead of a number of days)
And if so, what should the software do when no start time has been specified for the event (all-day event)?
And how accurate should the timing of the notification email be? For instance: you could run the cronjob every hour, rather than once a day. If the event start time for instance is 8:45 and you asked for a notification 1 hour before the event start, but the cronjob runs at 7:00, 8:00, etc. then you will get the notification e.g. at 8:00; so 45 minutes before the event start time.
Ok, you can solve this by running your cronjob every minute, but is that what you want?
You see one question (your question) can provoke many other questions wink
Posted:  19 Mar 2013 18:00   Last Edited By: Roel B.
Hi Roel.
My need is to have notifications 1 hour before event starts (also fine 2 hours or 30 minutes before) instead of numbero of days...
The ideal would be to specify the exact time of notification I want (ex. at 4:00 P.M.), but I think to specify how many hours before the event (instead of days) it can be ok.
Thank you again and again for your job and your understanding... :D